Sunday, 23 March 2008

new oceans to explore

It was my last week at Rockpool last week. Instead of a card they gave me these "leaving fish", signed by everyone. Needless to say I was most impressed :)

It's a cliche, but resigning was the hardest decision I've ever made - I was comfortable at Rockpool, which I think is testament to the generally positive atmosphere in the place. When I originally applied for the job I was fairly desperate - I didn't drive (still don't!) and I couldn't afford to move, so finding a games company in the centre of Manchester was fantastic. I had to fake an interest in mobile games (when I went to the interview my phone couldn't even "do" games) but I thought it would be fine to tide me over for 6 months or so, then I'd move on. Turns out I was quite happy working sensible hours (I haven't "crunched" in two years) - it gave me a lot of time to work on personal projects, and more importantly to decide what the hell I want to do with my career. 3 years later and I'm finally moving on.

I made a lot of friends at Rockpool, and I'll always remember my time there fondly. Thank you Rockpoolians!

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