Saturday, 15 March 2008

got a light mac

Well now this is interesting: I found myself compelled to buy a Macbook this morning.

I haven't, yet.

Reasons to buy a Macbook:
  1. I want a laptop
  2. OS X is very nice, and it being based on Unix is A Good Thing (tm)
  3. Having looked into it, Macbooks don't seem much more expensive than equivalently-specced PC laptops
  4. Being a Linux/Windows dual-booter I enjoy the challenge of writing code that's as system-independent as possible.. adding OS X to the list of OS's supported by my current project would be neat :)
Reasons not to buy a Macbook:
  1. The cheapest one I think I could get away with is £820
  2. I might end up like the Mac guy in the PC/Mac ads (at least the PC guy has a JOB)
  3. It may well open up the path to iPod, iPhone, iThinkJobsIsJesus etc.
Ok so that got a little frivolous towards the end.

More deliberating to be done!


Anonymous said...

Get this one:

You might need to be careful carrying it around though! :D

- Pete

Adrian said...

go on... go on go on you want it... go on