Sunday, 4 January 2009

local delicacies

Skyr is tasty. I read about it in some touristy leaflet this morning, where it was recommended for children, old people, bodybuilders, dieters, and also as relief for sunburn (presumably you rub it on your skin for that). I had a Skyr Brulee for dessert tonight in a restaurant called "Thrir Frakkar", which means "Three Frenchmen" or "Three Trenchcoats" depending on how you interpret it. Anyway, our new friends Paul and Helgi took us there tonight after drinks in the Penthouse.

I've waffled about that to lead up to something that might shock some of you. Those of you of a nervous/'awwwww' disposition, make sure you're sitting comfortably.

For main course I had whale.

And for starter.. I had..


Now I didn't make the decision lightly. My thinking was that chickens, which are pretty ugly, don't taste of much. Ducks on the other hand are quite cute - and taste yummy. So.. puffins? They're extra cuddly - so they must taste fantastic, right? Well, kinda. To be honest it was difficult to tell - the meat was heavily smoked so not a lot of flavour got through. The meat is very red though, not remotely like chicken or duck.

Whale, Helgi assured us, was not remotely fishy - and he was right, it tasted like an incredibly flavoursome beef steak to me. Whale I'd eat again (if I didn't think it so controversial) but puffin I can leave. I'll leave them to posing for photographers with gobfulls of fish.

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