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creme egg #3

Note: please read previous parts (#1, #2) first!

From: chris***@***.com
To: ***
Date: 23/11/2006 11:26

Subject: Re: How do you MISPRONOUNCE yours?

Dear Charlie

Thank you for your kind response.

With regard to the "creme" debate, I am afeared that we are "pulling from opposite ends of the dog" as it were. To quote your fine reply directly:

" .. Cadbury chose the French pronunciation of Creme .. "

But you do not! And this is precisely my point. If you were to choose the French pronunciation all of this MADNESS would end.

I am lucky enough to have a genuine living French person as a colleague, and they have given me their personal guarantee that there is no way the word "creme" can be pronounced like "cream" without changing the spelling.

Please understand that I agree wholeheartedly with the notion that the Creme egg is "Creme" and not "Cream" as it contains no cream. And yes, I also acknowledge that "Cadbury's Fondant Egg" hardly rolls off the tongue. But this apparent disregard for the rules of pronunciation disturbs me immensely.

On the matter of a "fruit and fruit" bar, I am greatly heartened to discover Cadbury's have "been there" on no less than three occasions. Is there any news on a fourth venture? You could even reuse the name "Amazin Raisin", about which my friend Pickles is still laughing in the porcine manner he has come to make his own.

In conclusion Charlie, I entreat you - why is a creme egg spelt French and pronounced English? And when might I expect advertisements for the *all-new* Amazin Raisin bar to grace my telescreen?

You have been so helpful thus far, I am confident together we can bring this matter to a swift conclusion.


PS Please note I haven't commented on the lack of an apostrophe in the name "Amazin Raisin". That would be a level of pedantry inappropriate to level at a manufacturer of confection.


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