Wednesday, 23 December 2009

game development: behind the scenes

John says:
can i make carry its nonstandonable?
Chris says:
dont use such foul words in my direction please
maybe not
who knows what fate has in store.. for the curious traveller
just passing through - or so he claimed. and yet i observed he had an unhealthy interest in Lady Tabitha, wife of the recently-departed lemon tycoon Lord St John d'St John
and with naught but a string bag some said contained only bottles of semi-polluted river water, he had intrigued all of the villagers
thus began the tale
of Geoffrey Howe: Carryit Traveller
*cue organ theme*
John says:
never mind, i fugured it out....
then i figured it out
Chris says:
aunt irma remarked: "his riposte would've been so much more effective, if only he weren't a nincompoop"
John says:
it didnt work
Chris says:
and with that we had spencer fetch another decanter of port

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